Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well todays the day...

I hope that you have or are going to practice the great right we have been given as U.S. citizens by placing your vote today. Matt and I got to the polls about 5:40 this morning. We wanted to make sure we got in before work/school today. We got right through but people were filing in and the line was already growing long by the time we left.

Matt and I got done so quickly we went home, made pancakes and watched some of the SNL Presidential Bash from the night before. Not such a bad way to start the day! Crazy all you can get done when you are up at 5 AM!

Last night was sort of a busy night and I was unable to complete Fall Cleaning Challenge #3. I did have a chance to go through and better organize my guest bathroom as well as went through our medicine cabinet... it was crazy all of the empty medicine bottles I just had stashed up there! Tonight I will finish tackling our bathroom and will post pics as well.

It really has been great cleaning rooms out one by one. My house definitely needed it! I have been surprised by the things that I have "found".. especially in my kitchen. By far the worst was a sack of potatoes that was way under my cabinet. It wasn't even where I usually store potatoes so I'm not sure how they ended up there and I really don't know how long they had been there.. all I know is that it was like a forest growing in that bag! EWW GROSS! I made Matt throw it out!:) So if you haven't joined Katie's challenge, which you definitely should!, just start your own challenge.. pick one room a day, or even a week and tackle it.. it really does make you feel sooo much better!

So, I hope that you have a great Tuesday. I hope that you go vote and I hope that you get lots of free stuff for voting!

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