Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleaning Challenge Wrap Up... Sort of

**First off a quick PSA: Starting next Wednesday I am going to be posting on what I blogged about yesterday. (see post below)**

Today I thought I would give a quick wrap up to the cleaning madness that I have taken part in the past couple weeks. Katie over at the Hyper Homemaker has announced that the challenge is over. I have yet to completely wrap up her "To-Do" lists. I still need to finish washing windows, the outdoor chores and cleaning out my car. I am hoping to do these either this weekend or maybe next week as slightly warmer weather has been promised in our forecast.

Even though the challenge is "over" I am still creating some of my own goals to accomplish. For instance last night I organized Matt and I's closet. A couple weeks ago we went through and sorted out all of the clothes we don't wear and dropped them off at Good Will. I highly recommend that if you haven't done this recently you should (now is a good time as seasons are switching). We usually strive to do this twice a year. We keep our off season clothes in tubs/ boxes and store them in our attic and then switch. This really helps to alleviate a lot of clutter in our closet. I also keep all of my "summer shoes" in a separate box so that they are out of the way as well.

My other goals are as follows:

Master Bedroom:
-clean and organize night stands in bedroom
-completely dust and clean all furniture, baseboards, etc.
-thoroughly clean out/ organize dresser (I really should do this weekly, its crazy how fast it gets unorganized)

Guest Bedroom:
-clean/organize closet
-organize desk
-organize book shelf

Laundry Room:
-organize and clean all shelves, storage areas

Extra Space:
-organize hall closets
-organize the desk in kitchen

If I just do a little bit each night, I should be able to have this done rather quickly. My MUST BE DONE, NO EXCUSES date to be finished is before we leave to go out of town for Thanksgiving. This way everything will be ready to go for Christmas decorating!

In case you are wondering why I put so much time and energy into keeping a clean house, it's because... your home is such a special place, regardless of the size, decor, location, furniture and electronics.. it is a place that you go, that your family goes to relax. Wikipedia even calls a home a "refuge".

I want my house to be a place that I want to come home to, a place my husband does and some day my children. I feel that keeping a clean house helps to make that possible. It takes away so much stress and distraction, it is so much more inviting and comfortable.

Keeping my home clean is also a way that I can serve my husband. It is a way that I can thank him for all that he does in providing for me. (and no, I'm not saying that husbands shouldn't help around the house, they definitely should.. I am so blessed by my husband. He is such a great help to me.)

So, in brief, this is why I choose to spend time keeping my house clean. Make your house a place you want to go home to..


Bobbie said...

Dont you jusy LOVE Katie at the hyper homemaker? I dont know how she does it all!! Very inspiring! I however, have not done much in my own cleaning/organzing house....

Bobbie said...

By the way.... I completely agree with you. Keeping the house clean is a service to your husband and makes it so much nicer to come home to and gives you a place of calm relaxation instead of chaos. Do you ever read flylady? She also has home cleaning organizational plans. Sh ehas helped me a great deal in kitchen area. My kitchen is under control.... I cant seem to get rest of the house under control. I am inpressed with you... cleaning out closets and such!

Jessica said...

i do love the hyper homemaker blog.. its great! I will definitley have to check out flylady. I have not heard of her. Congrats on your kitchen! One step at a time.. that is the best way to go!