Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gracie- the past 7 weeks...

I can't believe that I haven't posted on here since September 7th! Gracie was only 3 days old at the time and on Friday she just turned 7 weeks old! The past 7 weeks have literally flown by as we are getting to know our little girl and how to better care for her. She is such a joy. (I say this as she is screaming at her dad! ) Real fast I'll just try and share some of the "highlights"...
She is getting so much more social. A couple weeks ago she started smiling a whole lot and making all sorts of adorable sounds and "coos". I love how she will just stare right into our eyes.
She is literally growing like a weed. Her birth weight was 8'4.5 and when we took her to the doctor for her appointment this past Wednesday she was 10'10! She really likes to eat!
She had to get some shots at her last appointment and lets just say I think she took it better than I did:)
She still isn't sleeping through the night. She'll only go 3-4 hours before she wakes and wants to eat but then she'll go right back to sleep which is nice.
We took our first big road trip this month. We went to Wichita for the week and then on to Arkansas for a meeting w/ a church who is wanting to partner w/ us. She did so good and slept practically the whole time.
She LOVES to listen to her daddy play guitar. She will just lay and kick forever while the music plays:)
Her and Aldo (our dog) have become fast friends:) Aldo adores her and spends a lot of time by her side.
I could go on ( and on and on) about her but I suppose that's enough for now.. and more importantly here are a few pictures... they are all at least a couple weeks old.. I have newer ones that I still need to upload!