Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Thursday!

The week has flown.. really the past couple weeks have flown, which is the reason I have not been posting as frequently. We have had lots of company, lots of outings, lots of fun, but not a lot of down time.

A Little recap:

Last week we did all sorts of fun things- 2 Royals Game, saw Jerry Seinfeld live at the Midland in KC, went to the Plaza Art Fair and my mom was in town!... hi mom:)

This week we have been trying to recoup and get ready for yet another busy weekend. Another mission team (same church, different group of people) will be back today through Sunday to do some more work at DYM. We are so excited and anxious to get a lot done in the next couple days!

We always enjoy being busy, but Matt and I are looking forward to a little trip we have planned here in a couple weeks. We will be headed to Omaha, NE. Yes, Nebraska.. but I really think we will have a great time. From what I have read it seems that Omaha really has a lot to offer. We just booked a hotel in downtown Omaha last night. It will be nice to get away, even if it is just for 2 nights.

Oh and by the way... Cold Stone is giving away free ice cream from 5 to 8 tonight. I told you its a Happy Thursday:)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking for a used car?

Head to Paragould, Arkansas! That's what Matt and I did. Granted we weren't looking for a used car, that was just an added bonus:) (They have TONS of car dealerships in the town.. I truly have never seen so many used cars for sale in one location)

But anyway...

Matt and I actually went to Paragould, Arkansas to meet w/ the members of Southside Community Church. Southside sent down a mission team in July to help work on the roof at DYM. They were such a blessing that week and so Matt and I were very excited to go see them and share w/ their whole church about De Soto Community Church.
At the end of this month, Southside is actually sending another mission team down to help finish the roof as well as some inside work. Again.. we are so blessed!

The weekend was a great time for Matt and I. The trip there and back (16 hours total) was a nice time to just enjoy each others company. We even made a couple fun stops... a little shopping at H&M in St. Louis, Starbucks and Lambert's:)

I love a bargain!

This week at Target if you buy any 4 Kashi Products you will receive a $5 giftcard back.
I picked up 2 boxes of frozen waffles, 1 box of cereal and 1 box of oatmeal. The total was around 8 dollars.
Once you add back in your giftcard the total was $3! Can't beat that!

Fall is in the Air.. and w/ Fall comes PUMPKIN:)

I am absolutely loving the change in weather lately. I'm so anxious to get all of my Fall decorations out, tonight to early?!?
But probably the best part of all is the wonderful food and treats that are available during the fall season. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season from Starbucks last week.. and boy did it ever live up to my expectations... Absolutely DELICIOUS!
Also, Hershey has put out Pumpkin Spice Kisses. WOW.. they are like little bites of pumpkin pie that just melt in your mouth! I can't wait to make a dessert w/ them!

...Did I mention, I love Fall:)