Monday, November 10, 2008

Cleaning Challenge/ The week ahead...

First off, an update on my cleaning challenge! This weekend the focus was on living areas and the outdoors. The living areas I was able to do some of the tasks but not all. I thoroughly dusted everything, scrubbed the baseboards, flipped all of my cushions, cleaned the entry way floor and I'm in the process of washing a couple of the rugs. I unfortunately don't have a way to shampoo my carpets w/ out renting something and have not yet gotten to the windows.

As far as the outdoors Matt and I are planning a big outdoor cleaning day,( which includes raking leaves)very soon, hopefully this week/weekend. I will complete all of those tasks then!

Here are my other goals for this week:

-Daily Quiet Time
-Continue completing the daily cleaning challenges, along with the everyday cleaning
-call dog groomer-trying to track down my puppy's collar
-go through/pay bills
-shop for Operation Christmas Child
-still trying to figure out some of the nursery issues for church (doorway)
-plan children's lesson
-rake leaves, plus other outdoor clean up
-plan menu for next 2 weeks, pair w/ coupons and look through sale ads to make a complete grocery list

Menu for the Week:
~I'm not quite sure that the meals will be on these exact days.. but this is what we will be eating throughout the week

Monday- Chili w/ cornbread
Tuesday- Matt @ Class- leftovers/ sandwich
Wednesday- Orange chicken w/ rice and veggies (didn't end up making this last week)
Thursday- Chicken Parmesan w/ rolls and probably some other veggie
Friday- Out


Katie said...

you guys doing all the cleaning and such are so impressive...I can't seem to make sure my bed is made, much less scrub grout! you go girl!

Mrs. A said...

found your blog today through the Hyper Homemaker. I spent quite a bit of time reading tonight. I feel like we have similar goals I just started a new Bible study I am hoping to stick with it because usually I lose interest. Maybe reading your blog and your goals will help me to be accountable to my own studies. Thanks for the uplifting messages from one young married to another.

Jessica said...

thanks both of you for your encouraging comments!

mrs. a, i know that I struggle also with sticking with Bible Study.. it can be a challenge. I hope that we both will be an encouragement to one another!