Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eating out for Cheap

When Matt and I first moved to Kansas City, we were broke... very, very broke. We hardly ever had any money to go out.. but, like everyone else, we still wanted to be able to!

So...I started scouring the newspapers, checking websites, doing TONS of web searches to try and find some good deals at area restaurants.. and boy did I! I learned that Happy Hours are my new best friend. At first I thought Happy hours were just for getting alcoholic drinks cheap, that isn't the case at all.

Now obviously I know that you aren't all from Kansas City.. but some of these restaurants have locations throughout the U.S., so check and see what you can find.

Now, before I lose you... there is one other way to get good food cheap...You just have to do what I'm about to say..

Spend a little bit of time and go visit some of your favorite restaurants websites and even look up some restaurants you may have never eaten at.
Next, see if they have email clubs. Most restaurants will send you a coupon for something free just for signing up! AND they usually send you a coupon around your birthday as well!!
Now, sometimes it is w/ a purchase and then other times there is no purchase necessary.. but still it is FREE!

A couple helpful tidbits..
**I wouldn't sign up for a ton of restaurants at the same time. Normally you will receive your coupon w/in the next day or two and then you usually have about 2 weeks to use it. So if you go and sign up for 20 different restaurants... you probably are going to end up wasting some good freebies.
** I have a "junk" email address. This is the email that I put down when I am signing up for all these clubs so that your inbox isn't getting overloaded.

Some of the restaurants that I have signed up for are...

Houlihans (more details below)
TGI Fridays
Famous Daves
Macaroni Grill
Johnny Carinos
Chik Fil A
Dairy Queen

And now here are just a couple of our fave Happy Hours in the KC area... I'll post more as time goes on.
**note: most happy hours you have to sit in the bar to receive the deal.. in Kansas City that isn't such a big deal b/c KC has gone smoke free! Most of the time restaurants have tables and even booths in the bar areas as well!**

Houlihans- oh my goodness, GREAT FOOD! Matt and I just ate there Monday night. Here is what we got.. their Chipoltle Chicken Nachos (best nachos ever, hands down), and 4 of their "itty-bitty burgers", grand total (prior to tip) $10.84. YUP.. that's right! Good deal, right?!
Here's the thing... it seems every Houlihans differs on the "deals" that they offer. So if there is one close to you, check out your location. Our locations happy hour is from 4-7 and 9-close, Monday through Friday. They offer $6 appetizers (which are HUGE). Then an extra bonus is Monday nights you can get their itty bitty burgers for $1.
Another Houlihans bonus is, like I was mentioning above, sign up for their email club! They send coupons for Free appetizers and on Matt and I's birthdays we received coupons for a free entree, no purchase necessary!! Matt ordered a steak his last birthday, I believe it was a 23 dollar meal and he got it absolutely free!

Another great Happy Hour deal I happened upon is at the Hereford House. Now, Hereford house is a really nice restaurant, known for the quality steaks. We probably never would have eaten there, but lucky for us (and YOU!), they have an amazing happy hour!! Now once again, it depends on the location that you visit. Check their website for details on exact times and days.. but during happy hour they have a $4.50, $6.50 and $8.50 menu. We usually order a their steak burger w/ cheese and fries for $4.50. Soo good! We are also pretty crazy about their goat cheese appetizer for $6.50.
Some locations even offer this deal ALL DAY on Sunday... its a great spot for after church!

Okay.. well that's all for now.

Have a GREAT Thursday!

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