Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have been trying to collect my thoughts this week regarding the election. Thank goodness it is over, I think we all agree on that! The constant "he said-she said" is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Barack Obama and his family will be moving into the white house soon and will be taking over the enormous job of being president. Wow, I can't even fathom the pressure and stress. We really need to be praying for the Obama family. We need to pray regardless of who we wanted to win the election. Honestly that is all in the past now, no need to dwell on what could have happened or what might happen or what is going to happen in 2012. We need to pray now. Pray, Pray, Pray...

I am telling myself this just as much as I am telling anyone else. I know that I certainly don't pray enough. Prayer is to be constant.

Romans 12:11-13 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Do not lack diligence; be fervent in spirit; serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer. Share with the saints in their needs; pursue hospitality.

I also know that prayer can be a difficult thing. Sometimes it is hard to know what to say... it feels awkward and can feel at times like you are just talking to air since there doesn't always seem to be an "instant response" that we have come to expect in this day and age.
I was explaining prayer a little bit to someone this past week. I used the acrostic ACTS (A-Adoration ,C-Confession, T-Thanksgiving, S-Supplication) as an example of what we can/should pray for.
Adoration- adoring God's attributes
Confession- confessing our sins
Thanksgiving- thanking God for all that He has given us
Supplication- Begging God for our needs

Something I used to do that really helped me was that I would write my prayers out in a journal. For me that helped a tremendous amount. I felt that I was better able to express what I was trying to stay.

If "tools" are helpful to you when you pray, Great.. when it all comes down to it though God just wants to hear from us.

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