Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plan of Attack for my Blog

Well, in order to try and post more often I am going to try to dedicate different days to different types of posts. I figure this way my blog will have more of a theme/purpose and it will help me have ideas of what to write about!

Monday- Goals for the week/ Weekly Menu (Every week I put together a list of goals that I need/want to accomplish over the week. I will post them along w/ my dinner menu for the week.

Wednesday- My thoughts... ( I will post on what has been on my mind, what the Lord has been speaking to me about, what I have felt convicted about, or maybe even a post of encouragement.)

Friday- Food Friday!- recipe post from something I have made this week (hopefully w/ pics!)

Also, I am all about deals/bargains! In fact today I just got 20 Omaha steak burgers for $1.98!! I will post when I hear about deals so that you can hopefully score a bargain as well!

I will also try and post pictures more frequently of what Matt and I are up to:) I know at least my mom will enjoy those!

Well there you have it.. my plan of attack. Let's see how it goes!

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