Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My thoughts... Marriage

Marriage has been on my mind a lot ever since watching the movie "Fireproof" over the weekend. I am so blessed to have Matt as my husband, we truly are best friends. Sure we have our disagreements, but I've been blessed in the fact that even when we do we are always able to talk through things and work them out.

One thing Fireproof made me aware of was the fact that even though I've been married for close to four years now (which I know in the real scheme of things, isn't all that long!) I still need to get back to the basics of truly treasuring my husband. Do I do things for him on a daily or even weekly basis that show him I love him? That is a challenge that I'm putting out there to everyone including myself. I thought it was great in the movie that when Kirk Cameron's character finished the 40 Day Love Dare book, he started over...

Let your spouse know that you care about them not only by words but by your actions. It seems while dating I was constantly sending Matt notes or planning special things for the two of us. I'm going to try and continue that trend.

Marriage truly is a gift from God and not something to be taken lightly. Like was shown in the movie Fireproof, love is not merely an emotion, it is a decision that we need to make everyday.

**One thing that Matt and I have been doing for probably close to a year now is spending time reading the Bible together every Wednesday. We usually go to Starbucks, mainly because we tried to do it at home and we would always end up getting distracted; going somewhere really makes it an actual "appointment" for lack of a better word. We have gone through various books of the Bible together. I think that it has really brought us closer together and I have learned so much as well. I always look forward to Wednesdays.

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Stephanie said...

I loved this movie! It was just amazing. I love the idea of having weekly "appointments" to read the bible together. My husband and I were setting aside time weekly to do that for a while, but have gotten distracted-that would be a great way to make sure that we keep it up! Great blog:)(I'm swanbride28 on the nest by the way)