Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Thursday!

The week has flown.. really the past couple weeks have flown, which is the reason I have not been posting as frequently. We have had lots of company, lots of outings, lots of fun, but not a lot of down time.

A Little recap:

Last week we did all sorts of fun things- 2 Royals Game, saw Jerry Seinfeld live at the Midland in KC, went to the Plaza Art Fair and my mom was in town!... hi mom:)

This week we have been trying to recoup and get ready for yet another busy weekend. Another mission team (same church, different group of people) will be back today through Sunday to do some more work at DYM. We are so excited and anxious to get a lot done in the next couple days!

We always enjoy being busy, but Matt and I are looking forward to a little trip we have planned here in a couple weeks. We will be headed to Omaha, NE. Yes, Nebraska.. but I really think we will have a great time. From what I have read it seems that Omaha really has a lot to offer. We just booked a hotel in downtown Omaha last night. It will be nice to get away, even if it is just for 2 nights.

Oh and by the way... Cold Stone is giving away free ice cream from 5 to 8 tonight. I told you its a Happy Thursday:)

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