Friday, October 24, 2008

Crock Pot Salsa Chicken

Yes.. it is really that simple... and sooo good!

I'm all about easy, fast dinner ideas... and I love making use of my crock pot. There really is nothing better than coming home to dinner ready to go.

Simply put your desired amount of chicken (Matt and I used 1 double breast) and then I dumped in a can of rotel. You can use salsa also. If for instance you did two double breasts you might want to do 2 cans of rotel.

If you cook on low, you will probably need to cook 7-8 hours, on high 3-4. The chicken comes out so tender and juicy! If you prefer you can add in a can of black beans or corn.

When I do this chicken I usually just make tacos out of it, or you could just eat it over rice, make enchiladas or even add it to a chicken taco salad! So many choices.. so easy!

By the way, with Matt and I using a double breast we came out w/ a lot of leftovers.. We are pretty big on leftovers over at our house!

I did actually take pics of our dinner. I will try and post later.

Have a great FRIDAY!!

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