Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New week.. a day or so late:)

Hope your Tuesday is treating you well. It's a big day today...let's be praying for our new president and his family.

Weekly Menu:

Monday- we ended up grabbing wendy's.. wasn't really the plan, but we were out all day long. Gotta love the $1 menu!

Tuesday- Homemade Beef and Veggie Pizza w/ salad.. well sort of homemade, I'm using a crust mix tonight:( Oh well, it'll still be good!

Wednesday- Teriyaki Chicken, veggie and pineapple stirfry over brown rice

Thursday- Steak Fajitas w/ black beans, chips and salsa

Friday- not sure.. We usually eat something out on Fridays..

Goals for the week:

-Quiet time

-keep up w/ housework

-finish getting details together for lunch meeting after church on Sunday

-work out an additional 3 times, I already went once yesterday!

Well, that's all I can think of for now.. not bad to have an easy week:)

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