Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Night Recap/ My Time w/ God Lately

So, first a quick recap from my post yesterday...

-put away all the clean laundry/ straighten up closet- CHECK!
-straighten up/ clean kitchen- CHECK!
-vaccuum- CHECK!
-cut coupons and begin working on menu for next week.. - Pretty much check.. i cut and organized all my coupons, but didn't officially start writing my menu

So.. pretty good! Now tonight my two goals are to... sweep and mop kitchen and bathroom floors and clean out the refrigerator! (not really looking forward to that last one but it needs to be done!) I am also planning on going to the gym.

Now moving on...

Unfortunately my time with the Lord hasn't been going so well lately. Being quite honest, this has gone on my whole life. I go through really great times where I am in the Word every day, praying.. and then I go through slumps where I am not near as consistent.

For me, the times that I am "struggling" it can easily start to feel like God is disappointed in me... My husband often says something that completely puts it in the right perspective. If I begin to think that my relationship w/ God depends on what I do.. then I am making my relationship w/ God all about me. Thank goodness my relationship with God isn't about me and my good efforts/works but it is about Him. I don't say this to give me or you a reason to slack on the time we spend with the Lord , but just more as a reminder.

I plan on diving back into Exodus and hopefully getting back into more of a routine. I know for me this really helps if I have a regular time each day.

What has God been showing you lately?


Mrs. A said...

I got almost everything on my list done but I have to share had I not posted here yesterday I wouldn't have I was sitting at home wanting to just chill and watch American Idol then I remembered posting here about the things I needed to do the only things I didn't get done were meal planning, and vacuuming.
Thanks so much for making me accountable.

I wrote my wednesday Bible study post already today, but I wanted to let you know you're not alone in feeling that your time with God isn't always as it should be I often feel I don't give enough of myself to Him!
Thank goodness He is so forgiving and welcomes us back everytime!

Jessica said...

Mrs. A-
I'm so glad that you were able to get some things accomplished last night! It really does help when you know you are going to tell someone about it the next day!

I'll have to check out your blog post from today!