Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu and Goals

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was a lot of fun.. saw a couple movies, ate out with some friends, enjoyed some time with Matt...

I do have to admit I was a little lazier than normal with housework due to all of our running around, so this week I'll have to get things back together.

My goals for this include:

finish catching up on laundry (Matt has been helping w/ this)

this week the room I am going to focus on getting our bedroom in order...
-straighten up and reorganize closet, possibly even buying a couple new containers to store things in
-reorganize dresser
-clean and organize both Matt and I's nightstands
-straighten up bathroom- maybe adding some new containers there as well
-extra clean the shower
-and obviously the normal stuff- dust, sweep, mop (bathroom)

begin house hunt- we had been planning on starting the search after Christmas. I have already been in contact w/ an agent and we have met w/ her once before. We just plan on getting more serious about the whole process now.

plan menu and organize coupons for end of the week shopping trip

have a sit down meeting w/ Matt regarding our personal budget

workout at least 3 times this week


When I go grocery shopping I meal plan for 2 weeks and then shop accordingly. I don't specifically say, "I planned for us to have spaghetti on Monday the 12th so that is what we are having". Instead, I have a list of meals that we have groceries for and then we just pick from that each night. So last weeks menu that I posted ended up being a little off from what we actually had.

Last week we ate...

Monday- Taco Ring w/ all the fixings and refried beans, chips and salsa

Tuesday- leftover night.. we had quite a bit from the weekend and Monday evening

Wednesday- grabbed some soup at Panera as we ended up being out that evening

Thursday- Beef Stroganoff w/ Mashed Potatoes

Friday- Out (We had a gift certificate!)

So this week we are eating...

Monday- Ravioli Lasagna w/ salad

Tuesday- Chili w/ cornbread

Wednesday- Orange Chicken w/ rice and veggies

Thursday- Lime Chicken Quesadillas w/ beans and rice

Friday- We are attending a banquet so we will be eating dinner there

I really am a little behind on posting recipes. I will add that to my goals this week as well!

I hope that you are having a great Monday!

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