Sunday, January 4, 2009

Menu and Goals for 1st official week of January

This weekend Matt and I took down all of our Christmas decor and Aldo chewed the eyes out of his stuffed Santa.. so i guess Christmas is officially over:) lol

Here's what our upcoming week looks like...


Daily Quiet Time

continue to figure out dryer situation, looking to buy a new one probably

start room by room organization... we have papers and other various "stuff" that are really beginning to pile up and so I plan on working on organizing each room
throughout the coming winter months... I have been motivated by the latest Better Home and Gardens Magazine!:)

start house hunting

workout at least 3 times


Saturday- Chicken and Black bean Taquitos w/ Cilantro/Green Chili Sour Cream and extra black beans on the side (will post recipe soon)

Sunday- Chicken spaghetti casserole w/ salad

Monday- Chili w/ cornbread

Tuesday- Ravioli Lasagna w/ salad

Wednesday- Beef Stroganoff w/ mashed potatoes.. maybe another veggie

Thursday- Lime Chicken Quesadillas w/ beans and rice

Friday- out

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