Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confession: I'm an American Idol Junkie

I love American Idol.. I admit it. I have been watching since the Season Finale of Season 1. Last year was my favorite season by far. I drug my husband to the Power and Light district in KC when David Cook made his home town appearance ( got his autograph!) and back again to watch the finale with a whole bunch of other crazy AI fans. Matt and I were even on TV... it was about a 2 sec shot.. but if you Tivoed it.. and then put it in slow motion, you could SO see us!
And yes, I even have a David Cook t-shirt..(but in my defense, it was only 5 dollars). My dad also took us to the AI tour and then we waited afterwards in a big ol' line and got even more autographs and pics. (Well I waited.. everyone else just kind of stood back lol)

I told you.. a complete junkie.

So here comes the next season and tonight they are airing the KC auditions. (No, I didn't go to the auditions) I'm excited to see the shots of the city... it's always fun to see familiar places on TV!

So here's to another season of AI.. anybody w/ me?

Oh, and just for fun.. I got this pic off of the American Idol website. Can you find us? (Yeah.. and Matt said he didn't have fun!:) )


Danielle said...

haha, Matt's expression in that last one is priceless.

Katie said...

we were total AI junkies and then we went to the post-finale concert for season was the worst night...and a horrible concert. Jeremy and I swore we wouldn't ever watch the show again. now we will only watch the bad singers auditions and the finale - nothing in's like a bad breakup and we can't get reattached :)