Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365: 6-10/365

January 6
Matt has been shoveling all week... I think that he has a slight obsession though w/ snow shoveling:)

January 7
Gracie can sit in her highchair now! We haven't started solids yet but she loves her chair!

January 8
Gracie turned 4 months old on Monday the 4th but we forgot to take the pic. So here it is a few days late.

January 9
An evening ritual for us is Matt playing guitar and everyone singing. Gracie loves it!

January 10
Our neighbor brought us a delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies today! Perfect snack during the KU game... to bad they lost.

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Chelsea said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! I'm doing project 365 too. Can't wait to see more pics of Gracie :)