Monday, January 25, 2010

Grocery Shopping Techniques

I used to be really serious about trying to save money at the grocery store, clipping coupons like crazy, checking the ads, going to multiple stores... and now I'm trying to get back into it. The only difference is now we aren't receiving the Sunday paper and I have a little one and so going to multiple stores just isn't as easy or convenient. The last two shopping trips I have made have been to Wal-Mart and I decided to try out this whole price matching thing. The first time I was successful at saving money by price matching ads but it was a little hectic going through the check out. This last time I had a much better system. I put a basket inside my grocery cart and all items that I wanted to price match I put inside the basket. Then before I got in line I organized myself so that items from the same ad were by each other, etc.. Before I go to the store I also circle the items I plan on price matching so that they catch my eye a little easier. Using these new techniques made the check out much quicker and much less hectic.

I still feel like I can do better though and I'm going to try to get better at getting coupons offline. I'm also considering trying to go to Aldi- a discount grocer- to get some of my groceries. SO here are my questions.. what are your techniques for saving money and grocery shopping and if you are an Aldi shopper, is it worth it? What do you buy there? I tried Aldi once before when we first moved here and had a really bad experience. lol. I didn't have any quarters to get a cart and no bags to put my groceries in and I just felt lost and out of my element. But I keep hearing that I MUST give it another try. So should I?


Leslie G said...

Oh, Aldi's.... =)
Well, my husband loves it and swears by it. I could do without it. My feelings are that their "off brand" items are no less cheaper than that of WalMart or Dillon's off brands. And since Aldi's doesn't carry much of a selection, I'd prefer to just go to a one-stop shop like Walmart. My husband does love their chicken nuggets, and sometimes they have good little frozen finger foods. I'm really trying to do better at saving too!

Candice said...

I love Aldi! We actually have several things that are their brand that we prefer over name-brand. I do think some things are cheaper than Wal-Mart, and some are about the same, such as cheese. We have a Costco membership, which you guys probably don't need (yet!), and the jury is still out on that one as far as money-saving goes. So Aldi, WM, and Costco are our three places to shop. I don't really clip coupons or watch sales...I decided that it takes too much mental energy and time for the stage of life that I'm in right now...But I do generally buy generic brands on most things.

Danielle said...

Well, I'm not a very good grocery shopper at ALL, so I don't have any great tips, but I am also trying to save. I'm not a good bargain hunter, so right now I'm mostly trying to save by simplifying our menu--just eating things that require fewer ingredients and also having a few meals like whole grain pasta dishes without meat. Actually, Jess, I was wondering if you could share your menu or list from when you bought 2 weeks of groceries for $50 (in the previous post with the pictures)...I'd be really curious to know what you bought and what you made with it.