Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365: 11-17/365

11/365: We had dinner w/ our friends Cole and Opal tonight and their son Issac (the little boy I babysit). I took these Garlic Rolls and this is what was left. Not a great pic but they were very tasty! (link to recipe)

12/365: Aldo, our dog, just chilling in "his" chair...

13/365: My little girl all bundled up for some outside time.

14/365: Chicken Ranch Pizza for dinner... YUM! (recipe link)

15/365: Matt putting the final touches are on chicken pot pie! And for the record.. it was delicious! (recipe link)

16/365: My mom, sister and brother in law came to visit this weekend. This is my sisters puppy in his little coat:)

17/365: Matt and I got to go on a date today! We had lunch at Houlihans where we had coupons for a free appetizer and dessert. (YAY!) This is the dessert.. cappuccino chocolate cake.. SOOO GOOD!! We also saw the movie Sherlock Holmes and we both really enjoyed it!

17/365: My little sister Andrea w/ Gracie before they headed back home.

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