Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365: 1-5/365

So I'm trying out this Project 365...take 1 pic a day for a year. So far so good:) Expect to see lots of pics of Gracie! What can I say I'm a first time mom?:) I'm hoping to make Sunday my upload day. If anyone else out there is doing this leave a link...I'd love to see!

January 1
Homemade biscuts w/ gravy...starting off 2010 w/ my fave breakfast!

January 2
Friends from Colorado stayed the night as they traveled are the kids!

January 3
A very snowy Sunday in De Soto. We had to meet upstairs for church b/c the basement was freezing!

January 4
I started watching Issac this week. He and Gracie are good buds:)

January 5
Gracie loves kicking her feet way up in the air and grabbing her toes!

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Candice said...

Jessica: you and Matt must have many more babies--Gracie is SO CUTE! :) Love all the new pictures.