Monday, February 22, 2010

Project 365: 46-52/365

46/365: Tonight, Matt and I made Gracie carrot baby food. I'm going to try and make as much of her food as I can... mostly to try and save some money. We froze it in ice cube trays and then put the frozen cubes in freezer bags. She hasn't tried it yet... but hopefully she will like it! (This is a pic of the book I got on making your own baby food)

47/365: I had received a starter for some friendship bread from my mom:) Here is the finished product. It was WONDERFUL!

48/365: Here's Issac, the little boy I watch, just hanging out... He loves this bouncer chair!

49/365: Every 3rd Thursday we (as in our church) are starting to provide dinner for a group of youth as a new part of their ministry. We are really excited to join them in trying to reach more teens for Christ! This Thursday was our first time doing it.. we had frito chili pie. YUM!

50/365: Gracie loves playing w/ my make-up! It's not so bad yet since she can't open any of it up!

51/365: Hanging out at Borders on a Saturday night... Gracie is highly entertained by receipts:)

52/365: My snuggle bug:)

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