Monday, February 15, 2010

Project 365: 39-45/365

39/365: I asked Gracie time and time again to pick up her toys...:)

40/365: Matt and I ordered some Chinese food for lunch today from the New Chinese restaurant in town.. it was pretty good!

41/365: Gracie just after a bath...

42/365: Gracie loves her bouncy chair.. especially now that she can make the music play all by herself!

43/365: My mom called us in a pizza all the way from Wichita for a little Valentine's gift to us.. Thanks mom:) It was delicious! Perfect dinner to go along w/ watching the Olympics!

44/365: I made Red Velvet Whoopie pies to take to some of our neighbors today. Delicious! I did cheat and started off by using a box mix for red velvet cake. I didn't really do it to make the recipe easier.. it just cost so much less than buying red food coloring!

45/365: Happy Valentine's Day- a self portrait of the Maestas family (minus Aldo) :)

1 comment:

Leslie G said...

How nice of your mom to call in a pizza for you! I love Gracie's little red headband. Sigh, I need a little girl!