Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summers always go so fast...

I can't believe that today is July 22nd! Crazy how fast this summer has gone. I am thankful that the heat isn't really hitting until now.

This past weekend was great. Matt and I spent lots of time together. We went and saw Batman (which was awesome!), did some shopping at the Legends, went to the City Market and breakfast w/ friends, went swimming, got some things accomplished and spent time at home relaxing.. can't get to much better. :)

This week is a busy one, especially for Matt. A mission team from Arkansas is in town working on the building that we are meeting at for church. They are helping re-roof and do inside painting. We are very thankful to them for coming up here to help. We hope to get a lot done in these next few weeks before our offical first service!
I dont get to help a whole lot seeing as how I have to be at work this week. It makes me a little sad, but I have been going to have lunch w/ them which is nice to see what they have been working on throughout the day.

Well.. this wasn't an overally exciting post, but just thought I'd give you a glimpse on our week.

Hope the rest of your Tuesday treats you well:)

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