Friday, September 3, 2010

My Birth Story, One year Late, for those interested!

Well, one year ago I started FINALLY having contractions with Gracie! I meant to post a birth story forever ago and never got around to it and so I thought I finally would today. I don't know who is particularly interested in this.. BUT I wanted to have it recorded...

I had shown no signs of progress at all, even at my appointment on her due date.. none. I was frustrated but had heard many times that this is very normal so I just tried to enjoy my last days before motherhood.
Thursday morning, September 3rd, 2009.. Matt and I went out to pick up some watermelons and tomatoes from a friends garden. I just felt sooooo tired. I had been having decent amounts of energy but that day it was not the case. I went home and pretty much rested all day. When I woke up from a nap about 4 that afternoon, Matt came in the room and was reading a magazine. Then all of a sudden I felt something.. "I think i might have just had a contraction!" I remember telling him.. So we just waited to see if it happened again.. sure enough about 5 minutes later. We timed them for a bit and then I thought.. "oh gosh, this is going to drive me crazy if we just keep waiting for them!" So we decided to go heat up some leftovers, tacos, I debated this not wanting to see them later.. but they sounded good, so I thought oh well!

I continued to have bursts of contractions 5 minutes apart.. then they would spread a bit further a part.. then close together again. We just relaxed. I really wasn't in all that much pain and so I just thought.. this probably isn't' even it. We watched some of the football game and then about 8 headed out for a walk. The walk was hard! The contractions were definitely getting stronger! We actually ran into several people we knew on the walk. I didn't' want to say i was having contractions b/c I didn't want to make a big deal if it wasn't anything so I tried to just keep breathing as we had a short conversations!

We headed back home and I decided that I should get more of my bag together and at least straighten my hair! haha I had taken a shower that day but just let it air dry and it was looking a little crazy. I thought I do not want our first pictures with my hair looking nuts! I debated makeup and decided it was silly to put on makeup to go to the hospital, especially since at this point it was almost 9.

The next hour we just timed contractions.. some came really close leaning in on 3 minutes apart and then others were still about 5. I finally decided it was time to call our doctor. She told me to get to the hospital!

We left the house about 10:30. My whole pregnancy I imagined our hospital ride to be chaotic and stressful and for me to be in a whole lot of pain. I had like two minor contractions the whole way there. All I could think was.. oh gosh.. we are going to get there and they are going to say go back home, you aren't even dialated!

We pulled up to the ER and went in.. I was breathing pretty normal. The guy at the desk even asked, "Are you in labor or are you being induced?" I said, "I think I'm in labor" (haha) He insisted on me using a wheel chair but I could have totally walked.. the contractions didn't seem so bad right then! Once again making me very nervous.

We checked in about 11:15 (which note to self.. unless a complete emergency, do not check in at the hospital prior to midnight.. we got charged for the whole day!!!!)
They checked me and thank goodness I was dialated to a 3 and they said I was definitely in labor and to just stay put! I felt so much relief!

At this point I called my mom. She had called earlier that night but I didn't tell her about the contractions. I knew she would have got right in the car and I didn't want her coming if it was nothing. So when I called she was obviously asleep,
"We are at the hospital mom"
"We are going to have a baby!"
.. haha, I thought it was very funny she asked why!

So from about 11:30 to 2:30 we just walked around the hospital, I sat on my exercise ball, I went to the bathroom like 10 million times. I kept feeling the urge to go! I even got in the whirlpool tub for awhile! And finally around 2:30 I got nervous. The contractions were a lot closer, hurting a lot more and I just didn't know if I could do it! At this point I was dilated to a 6 or 7.. BRING ON THE EPIDURAL!

I was nervous for the epidural and that was probably the worse part of the whole thing sitting there, trying to be so still when the contractions hurt so bad! But when it finally set in...awww.. relief!

My mom arrived about 3 AM and for the next 3 hours we just talked, watched episodes of The Office and tried to rest. I was not very successful at resting! About 5:30 my doctor showed up and was going to break my water since that had never happened. But when she came in, apparently it had just broke.. I couldn't feel a thing. So they said I was ready to start pushing because that was the last thing they were waiting for, I was fully dialated!

At 6 I started pushing and pushed for 45 minutes.. it really wasn't bad. I guess that's b/c I had an epidural. I was informed that pushing is not fun otherwise!

And at 6:45 AM, Friday, September 4th.. Gracie Irene Maestas was born!!!
8 pounds 4.5 ounces, 20 1/4 inches long

and they said she was a small baby!

Has it REALLY been a year!?!?! We are having her first birthday party tomorrow! I'll post pics afterwards!

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