Monday, September 20, 2010

A few links...

It's been a sort of long weekend. Gracie has been extremely cranky and just not sleeping. The last couple weeks she has only been taking one nap and that one nap at times has been very hard to get her down for! She also has been struggling to go to sleep some nights.. really putting up a fight. I'm praying its just a phase.. I am comforted knowing that at this age it seems nothing lasts very long! I still didn't quite feel I got the "restful" weekend I was hoping for and was feeling a little frustrated last night. God heard my prayers though when I got a phone call saying the little boy I babysit wouldn't be here today. I have definitely enjoyed some quiet time this morning.

I was re-looking over some blog posts and just thought I'd share them with you this morning.. One is on motherhood.

The other is on marriage.

Hopefully they will encourage you today. I know that they did me.

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