Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Update!

Well, no I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... It is kind of funny to me that now that I have "more" time in my day since I haven't been babysitting this summer.. I actually have blogged less.

It's been a great summer! We have been busy but its been fun... Gracie has had a summer full of firsts...

... her first trip to an outdoor pool and a splash park.. SHE LOVES THE POOL!!!
...her first trip to the zoo
...first time picking blueberries, and for that matter, my first time too!
...her first Royals Game!
...trips to the park and time in swing, which she also loves!
...this local gym has free "gymnastics" time for little ones once a week and we have been going to that... Gracie loves crawling all over everything... its actually quite a work out for me!
...her first 5K, also my first 5K.. we walked it this past weekend to support DYM, the youth ministry building that we meet in for our church service..
...her first time at a Sports Camp, our church held a Sports Camp for kids in our community the last week of June. It was a great time! We had 48 different kids there throughout the week!

And I could go on and on.. but you get the idea. It's been fun! I can't believe it is already July! I just keep thinking back to this time last year and how excited I was getting that my new little baby would be arriving soon. And now my new little baby is growing so fast and turning into such a fun little girl! Gracie is SOOO busy.. she crawls crazy fast, pulls up on EVERYTHING (which has resulted in some minor ouches!) and is starting to just stand up w/ no assistance. I can't believe that she will be walking soon! SO NOT ready for that!! I already can hardly keep up with her!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the warm weather and all the fun that goes along with it.. here's a few new pictures!

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