Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Update

Well Gracie is officially 8 months old.. crawling (the real way)like crazy..she laughs, claps, getting better at eating.. not great but better.. and I'm starting to wonder where my little baby is! She is turning into such a "big" girl! She is a lot of fun right now and I'm just trying to soak in this stage of her life as her first year seems to just be flying on by.

As for us we are gearing up for summer! Only 2 weeks to go and I'll be done babysitting. We have some big projects planned for the summer, including painting our house! We actually got FREE paint from a program here in the county we live in so we are very excited! We have also been working hard (or should I say Matt has been working hard:) ) on the backyard, mulching and working on our garden. It is looking really nice. We don't have any BIG plans as far as traveling goes.. just visiting some family which is always nice. We also have some events we are working on with our church.. a kids sports camp and a back to school night. Both of those we did last summer and we are excited about hosting them again this year! Also we are excited b/c this past week we started our 2nd community group Bible Study! We decided it was finally time to multiply. We have some of our neighbors getting involved as well which has just been awesome to see. God is truly at work in our community!

Well I hope everyone else is enjoying this month of May!

And finally here are a few pictures of my little girl...

My first mothers day:)
Matt made the day SOO special! He bought me a new outfit.. and its VERY cute!, made me breakfast, took me out to a fave sandwich shop of ours for lunch and also had a gift card to crate and barrel for me (from Gracie!) .. it was so sweet of him and I enjoyed the pampering:) The only downer was Gracie was really fussy on Sunday, her top teeth are coming in! Poor baby:(

Gracie w/ her daddy after bath time.. she was a little unhappy!

Gracie entertaining herself w/ some cooked spaghetti noodles:)

the last two are of Gracie playing in her room.. she is starting to pull up on all sorts of things!

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