Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our New House!

Finally I am getting around to posting some pictures of our new house! These pics were taken before we even moved in, hence the no furniture.. and I'm only going to post a few pics, not one from every room.. yet anyways:) As we continue to complete projects and decorate I'll add more pics!

Just if your are curious our house has 3 bedrooms 2 1/4 bath (master bath only has a toilet and sink..). The house came w/ brand new carpet and they had just repainted all of the walls. We are looking forward to painting some of the rooms but it was nice that it wasn't an immediate need.

Our first big project we are planning on completing is repainting the house. I won't actually be doing any of the painting, Matt will get to head up that project along w/ some other guys:) We aren't quite sure on color yet. The blue doesn't really bother us.. it just really needs a new paint job. So we will begin looking at colors probably pretty soon!

We also are excited about doing some yard work! It has been kind of fun watching to see what kind of flowers are popping up!

In this picture is the fridge that came w/ the house... we opted to get a new fridge as this one was pretty gross and small.. We love our new fridge! It even has the ice and water in the side door. You don't know how excited that made me! OH and notice that we have a dishwasher again! :)

Our house is a split level and this is a picture from the bottom portion. It has a little family room w/ a built in entertainment center in the wall. There is also a finished full bath downstairs as well as our laundry room and storage.

This picture is one of the things that sold Matt on the house. One of the three bedrooms had built in floor to ceiling bookshelves across one wall. You wouldn't believe how fast he got his books up on those shelves!

This is a picture from our upstairs living room. We love the little window seat:) Currently this room still has no furniture in it.. but we do have plans to pick up some in Wichita hopefully w/in the next month. We love all the natural light that pours into this room/kitchen!

And finally this is a picture of part of our deck. Right off the kitchen there is a door that goes outside to our fenced in backyard. We love how big the deck is and can't wait to host a BBQ!

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Candice said...

How exciting! I know you have it looking all cute and cozy by now. Congratulations again to you guys. This year is one of lots of happy changes! :)