Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthdays, School, Books and Watermelon...

Well we had a great time celebrating Matt's birthday. And the celebrating isn't over, since he had school on his birthday we decided to get Royals tickets for this Friday to celebrate. We are looking forward to it. Oh and now I can tell you what I got for Matt's birthday:) Actually my mom, dad and I went in together since I certainly didn't have enough money to cover it myself. We got tickets for Matt and I to go to see Jerry Seinfeld live here in KC September 19th. Matt loves Jerry Seinfeld and his show so he was super excited about it. (I'm pretty excited myself!)
Like I said Matt started school on Tuesday. This is his last semester (for now as he says). I can't believe that we have been living in Kansas City for 3 years already. (It was three years August 15th). Time has certainly flown...It has been quite the journey but we are glad to be here.
I have been trying to get back into reading lately. I made some goals for myself for the summer and didn't succeed w/ my reading goal. But I'm giving it another go now. I love books, I love to read.. It just always seems to get pushed to the side. I'm in the middle of reading two books. One I just started a couple days ago.. and the other.. well its been awhile. I will finish it though! The oneI have been reading for some time is by Donald Miller, "Searching for God knows What". I read another book of his , "Blue Like Jazz" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am really enjoying this one as well. It is basically his thoughts on life, the Gospel, Jesus Christ.. the experiences he has had. It definitely has made me think.
The chapter I read last night was about humanity and what everyone is searching for. Everything here in the US is always about outdoing someone else... the sports we watch, television shows, kids at school, adults at work... He made some good points and it really made me examine myself. He mentioned that a lot of time we don't even realize that we are behaving that way, I think that he is right.
The other book I just began reading is "Faithful Woman and their Extraordinary God" by Noel Piper. Noel basically shares 5 biographies of pioneer Christian women. It is a great book. I've only read the intro and the first biography but I can't wait to read more. The first biography is about Sarah Edwards. She was married to Jonathon Edwards back in the 1700's. It told of how she grew up, how they met, their marriage and their life together in the ministry. I will write more about the book and my thoughts in detail another time. I highly recommend reading it though if you haven't already.
And finally watermelon.. I have been eating a lot of it lately. Matt was given several from a man who grows them. They are delicious.. it truly is the little things in life that sometimes can make our day...

Until next time...

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