Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a Girl!!

We had our big ultrasound today and it was sooo much fun! I was a bit nervous, but that all went away when I saw our little one up on the screen. I couldn't believe how much you could make out and how developed *SHE* already is! She was moving all around, kicking and punching.. at one point you could even see her hands up over her eyes. Our tech did a great job explaining everything and letting us enjoy the moment.
She was measuring about a week ahead of what my due date currently is.. I don't know if that means my due date moves up or if we just wait it out.. but for now she is right on track to be here around September 1st! For those that are interested her heart was beating at 140 and she was weighing in at 9 oz :)

I must say as much fun as it was seeing her up on the screen I was having a slightly hard time concentrating as I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad and the tech kept moving that wand up and down all over my belly! Lately I have had to go to the bathroom all the time and the tech pointed out that currently she is making a nice pillow out of my bladder!

After we found out we had to do some grocery shopping but decided to make a stop in the baby section first to make our first baby purchase. Matt picked out this cute little outfit. He was so excited about it.. He kept calling all sorts of people to share our news w/ them:)

Well and if you are interested in this sort of thing here are the first official pics of Baby Girl Maestas.


Danielle said...

Yeaaaa!!! congratulations on the little girly. ultrasound pictures are so fun...i love the profile ones where you can see the head and the spine and's just absolutely amazing the way the Lord forms a life...

Candice said...

So precious! Girls are so much fun!