Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend/ Easter!

Now my plans for this week include:


Monday- Chicken Pasta dish (Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe)w/ sauteed broccoli and garlic bread- We are having company tonight:) and something for dessert...

the rest of the week we'll be eating the following.. just not sure of the order:
-chicken, black bean and cilantro soup w/ cornbread
-tostadas w/ rice, chips and salsa
-lasagna (heated up from the freezer)w/ veggies and bread
and.. possibly grilling out one night? We'll have to watch the weather! I think its actually supposed to be a decent week here!


daily quiet time
work out 3 times
hang new pictures up in bedroom/bathroom
get ready for my dad coming up this weekend!
work on a couple church projects

What's everyone else making this week? I love to hear new ideas!

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