Friday, April 9, 2010

Starting our garden!

The weekend is ALMOST here! I'm so looking forward to sunshine and projects! We are starting to work on our garden this weekend. Last night Matt got our plot of ground ready and we are going to work on it more this weekend. I can't wait to start planting!

Is anyone else planting a garden? This will be our first year to do it and so I don't know a whole lot. We are planning on doing tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, some sort of berry maybe.. someone even told me cantaloupe was really easy?? We will see what we end up doing and I'll try and share our progress. If anyone has any tips let me know and I would love to know what you are planting. I also really want to do some herb pots this summer.

I have also been trying to de-clutter my house as well.. I've been taking a drawer, a closet, random basket one at a time when I have a few minutes and just sorting through... throwing things away, putting things where they should be!:) It is amazing how much I have been able to accomplish with just a few minutes here or there.

So... all this to say.. what are you plans for the weekend? any spring cleaning projects or yard work?

YAY for SPRING!!!!

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