Monday, May 11, 2009

Time is flying...

Well another few weeks have slipped by without me blogging. I truly intend to be better at this but w/ a lot going on this has gotten put on the back burner unfortunately.

Here's a little update on us! I'm 24 weeks pregnant! Time (currently) is just clicking by! I have continued to be healthy for the most part and still having quite a bit of energy although I'm starting to get more and more restless at night, which I'm sure will only continue to get worse as the next few months go by! I love feeling the baby, she is moving around a lot lately and I can tell she is getting so much stronger! Such an amazing thing! We haven't really done a whole lot of "baby stuff" yet... I am just about done clearing out what will be her room. We did buy some paint (several weeks ago!) and are hoping to get the room painted sometime in the next few weeks. I have also started working on my registry list and we are hoping to actually go register by the end of the month! I gotta say.. trying to decide what to register for has been quite the job.. there is just so much out there!

In the meantime we have really been working on the rest of our house. It is really starting to feel like home:) This past weekend my mom was so wonderful.. she woke up early and left her house in the Wichita area at 5:30 in order to be in KC first thing Saturday morning to help us w/ yard work! She didn't have to but it was so great of her to come and help and its always nice to spend time w/ her.
Our yard when we moved in was quite overgrown and so we spent hours just raking and pulling weeds and filled up countless 55 gallon trash bags. After yard work Saturday and a full afternoon of cleaning on Sunday I was feeling pretty achy.. I guess that just comes w/ being around 6 months pregnant!

Sorry for the book.. now I'll move on to this week:)

Matt graduates this Saturday from Seminary! His mom will be in town Wednesday and we are really looking forward to spending time w/ her! It will be her first visit here since we have lived in KC!

My goals for this week:

daily quiet time

finish up laundry!

go through last little stack in baby's room so it will be officially CLEANED OUT! YAY!!!

grocery shop!

just to keep the house clean:) I worked hard yesterday!

workout/ exercise

continue w/ my healthy eating/ low salt diet:).. that really is a goal, so far so good:)


Monday- leftovers at home before grocery shopping

Tuesday- either pasta or something on the grill.. I'll let Matt choose:) We also have our church group coming over Tuesday night for Bible Study so I will be prepping snacks for that.

Wednesday- pick up Matt's mom from the airport and go out to eat!

Thursday/Friday- not entirely sure what we will be going w/ Matt's mom in town. I plan on having the fixings for enchiladas and orange chicken.. But I also know we will be eating out some:)

Saturday- BBQ for Matt's Graduation!

I hope everyone is having a great May!

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